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On the news that Twitter was coming up with its own means of embedding Tweets I made my own, here's some results:
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Cheap Macro 2011/09/29 20:31
A lot of the pictures I've put up are taken with a macro lens (virtually all the close ups). The lens was about 160 quid. I have aquired a couple of old manual 35mm lenses over the last few weeks and have been playing around with them as normal lenses (with a 2quid adaptor) and had a sudden idea about trying something I'd read a while ago - making a cheap macro lens by stacking lenses. The total cost of what follows was 4quid for the adaptor ring and a few quid for the lens...
White and Red 2011/09/06 20:04
aff_imgbbdmedia/post_wred.pngajf_contentccdmFirstly, I have a new site where I shall be posting the pictures from now on (so I can seperate the crazy from the pictures). I'll post links from here to the new site as I upload pictures though.
WP7 Wallpapers 2011/08/15 23:55
Have created some more Windows Phone 7 wallpapers. These are based on the Metro theme of the UI. I guess they'll work on other phones as long as they have the same resolution.
800mm Prime Photography 2011/08/12 19:34
I've previously posted some pictures taken with a 40mm prime lens. I have now taken some with an 800mm one. The larger the number, the bigger the "zoom" level...
Drawings 2011/05/16 21:07
Under "normal" conditions, when I have nothing else to do my mind just "turns off" - I don't think of anything. I guess it's like being asleep whilst being awake - I take little notice of what's going on around me and take a short while to "wake up" when called etc. (I say "normal" as this is pretty much the standard state when depressed - it's very difficult to not just lapse into this "paused" state and I can't get into it when anxious).
Cameras 2011/05/13 21:08
My two cameras...
These wallpapers are for Windows Phone 7 (480x800 pixels). Click to view the full size version then either download them on your PC or, if using the phone, hold until the menu pops up and choose "Save Picture".

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