Night 2013-05-06 2013/11/23 23:23
Some random pictures taken 5th June 2013
Cheap Macro 2011/09/29 20:31
A lot of the pictures I've put up are taken with a macro lens (virtually all the close ups). The lens was about 160 quid. I have aquired a couple of old manual 35mm lenses over the last few weeks and have been playing around with them as normal lenses (with a 2quid adaptor) and had a sudden idea about trying something I'd read a while ago - making a cheap macro lens by stacking lenses. The total cost of what follows was 4quid for the adaptor ring and a few quid for the lens...
White and Red 2011/09/06 20:04
aff_imgbbdmedia/post_wred.pngajf_contentccdmFirstly, I have a new site where I shall be posting the pictures from now on (so I can seperate the crazy from the pictures). I'll post links from here to the new site as I upload pictures though.
WP7 Wallpapers 2011/08/15 23:55
Have created some more Windows Phone 7 wallpapers. These are based on the Metro theme of the UI. I guess they'll work on other phones as long as they have the same resolution.
800mm Prime Photography 2011/08/12 19:34
I've previously posted some pictures taken with a 40mm prime lens. I have now taken some with an 800mm one. The larger the number, the bigger the "zoom" level...
Macro 26/7/11 2011/07/26 21:55
Seaside 2011/06/16 20:52
50mm 2011/06/16 20:51
Pictures 26/5/11 2011/05/26 00:43
Drawings 2011/05/16 21:07
Under "normal" conditions, when I have nothing else to do my mind just "turns off" - I don't think of anything. I guess it's like being asleep whilst being awake - I take little notice of what's going on around me and take a short while to "wake up" when called etc. (I say "normal" as this is pretty much the standard state when depressed - it's very difficult to not just lapse into this "paused" state and I can't get into it when anxious).

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