I am not alive 2014/03/23 02:32
I am not alive I am aware but that is it. My mind is not connected to my body - I cannot choose to act. "I" can request action but nothing happens.
I wish... 2013/12/13 00:52
...I was not me
Half remembered journeys to nowhere. Sensation of what? Arriving? Travelling? Falling?
Can you really escape? 2012/05/21 22:46
It's been a long time since I've posted here. And even longer since I've cut.
A Quick Update 2012/01/18 21:40
This hasn't been updated for a while - you'll have seen that. It started out (and remained) primarily a way for me to write down my "feelings" to try to deal with the stress and pain.
Normal Service... 2011/10/21 17:40
aff_imgbbc/media/ resumed
Cheap Macro 2011/09/29 20:31
A lot of the pictures I've put up are taken with a macro lens (virtually all the close ups). The lens was about 160 quid. I have aquired a couple of old manual 35mm lenses over the last few weeks and have been playing around with them as normal lenses (with a 2quid adaptor) and had a sudden idea about trying something I'd read a while ago - making a cheap macro lens by stacking lenses. The total cost of what follows was 4quid for the adaptor ring and a few quid for the lens...
Why Dream? 2011/09/23 23:39
aff_imgbbd/media/post_ieh.pngajf_contentcdng.$I find it kind of funny,
Inbetween Sufferings pt2 2011/09/11 18:59
aff_imgbbd/media/post_is2.pngajf_contentcgkf_...not "in between" any more.
Inbetween Sufferings 2011/09/08 10:46
I seem currently to be living in a kind of "twilight" between the usual feeling shit and a kind of "hope". There is a reason for this (which I'll not explain at this time) but it doesn't make the "feeling" any less unpleasant.

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