Universal Charger 2011-01-01 00:00
Having just seen a review for an inductive charging "universal charging" device for 90 quid which required special cases or adapters for the devices I thought up a far cheaper, and not much different means to do the same thing.
Artwork 2011-01-01 00:00
Here are all the "art" pictures. Click the thumbnails for a larger version.
Passwords 2010/12/15 14:42
As you may have read, last weekend Gawker media's commenters database was leaked which included the passwords of those on it. Mine was one of them. As such I've been trying to remember where I've use the same password and change it.
Art (2) 2010/10/01 00:09
Another piece of "art". Same lines as the others...
Scrambled Text Generator 2010/09/09 14:22
Enter some text below and click Scramble to scramble the letters in the words but still leave it readable (read it quickly without thinking).
Art 2010/08/22 00:59
Those who know me (or have read this site I guess) will know that I don't "get" art. I'm not artistic or creative in that way and can't "appreciate" art beyond the ability to appreciate that a lot of work and skill went into it (probably why I consider "modern art" to be total crap as there's no skill in pickling a pig...)
UI Interfaces & Contexts 2010/07/10 13:14
I write software for Windows, mobile phones and the web. All have different ways of organising a UI, this is some musings on them related to why (I think) the iPhone OS's UI is considered to be so "revolutionary".
Embed Tweets 2010/05/04 02:30
Ever wanted to embed a Tweet on your site easily? Here's a quick tool which will create the HTML to allow you to do that easily.
Multitasking 2010/03/19 02:16
/A departure from the normal theme of the content on here but having this in a post makes it easier to reference in comments about the lack of multitasking on Windows phone 7. This is quite technical I guess.
Silverlight 2010/03/13 20:15

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