Pictures 15/5/2011 2011/05/13 20:50
Some pictures from a walk over Dumbleton hill. These quite effectively demonstrate that the equipment used isn't that important to the final photo. They were all taken on a camera which cost 10% of the cost of the DSLR...
Pictures 29/4/11 2011/04/29 21:58
Flowers 2011/04/23 22:31
Macro 7/3/11 2011/03/07 21:18
I have a new macro lens and not much to photograph. So, here's a moodily lit coin, some glass and some other random things...
Pictures 6/3/2011 2011/03/07 20:30
Pictures 3/3/11 2011/03/03 22:39
Some random pictures I've taken over the last few days
These wallpapers are for Windows Phone 7 (480x800 pixels). Click to view the full size version then either download them on your PC or, if using the phone, hold until the menu pops up and choose "Save Picture".
Universal Charger 2011-01-01 00:00
Having just seen a review for an inductive charging "universal charging" device for 90 quid which required special cases or adapters for the devices I thought up a far cheaper, and not much different means to do the same thing.
Artwork 2011-01-01 00:00
Here are all the "art" pictures. Click the thumbnails for a larger version.
Art (3) 2010/10/10 00:22
Some more art...

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