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You can use this tool to generate extremely difficult to guess passwords from an easy to remember phrase. These passwords are not stored anywhere, nor does this tool send any information over the internet - the passwords are generated in your browser using JavaScript.
You can either use the tool below to generate a password now, or create one of two "bookmarklets" which you can use in your browser. If other people use your computer use the first one as it doesn't store your secret. If not, you can use the second one which remembers your secret to make life a little easier.

Create password now

Your Secret Phrase

Account ID


Create generic bookmarklet

This bookmarklet can be used to generate a password for a site by specifying your secret phrase and a site specific ID. You can use this on public computers as your secret is not stored.

  • Generate Password

Create custom bookmarklet

Enter a secret phrase below. This phrase will be used for all your passwords. This should be something memorable and known only to you. Use only A-Z and 0-9, the longer the better.

When you click the button a link will appear below, drag that to your bookmarks to quickly generate passwords in the future.

Your Secret Phrase

  • (click 'Generate')

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