Half Remembered Journeys to Nowhere
Posted 2013/11/28 06:39, in blog
Half remembered journeys to nowhere. Sensation of what? Arriving? Travelling? Falling?
Too hot/too cold/too alive/too dead/dawn comes/pain renews/light fails
Mental/pysical suffering is one. All pain no respite
Life is a terminal disease
Darkness soothes. Darkness wins. Never too soon. Hope suffers. Never win. Never hope
Hope. Fight. Lose
Dawn brings fresh darkness. Release sleep to fear.
Futile/future. Dark closes unremarked.
Self: solitude from self.
Other: never
Travelling/from nowhere to less. Resurfacing. Return. Innocence from hope is nirvana never to be.
Hell - where we must go - where we are - where we will be.
No future; no past; no present; no
Night closes, day falls. Begin again. Rage, rage against the dying of the night. For the day brings nothing
Journey's end
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