Can you really escape?
Posted 2012/05/21 22:46, in blog life self-harm
It's been a long time since I've posted here. And even longer since I've cut.
Old scars seem to open easily. I don't even know why. Maybe the drink, the OD's, the blood were my real life - maybe that was stability - perhaps on some level I understand that.
Maybe I just can't escape the feeling that all this is temporary - just a minor escape from all which will return.
I hope not. But eventually I guess I'll have pushed hope too far.
Do you ever really escape from your demons? Or from yourself?
05:28:12 22/11/2012
tell me you're alive Chris
23:04:19 22/11/2012
Yeah, I'm still here. Still have no real desire to be so but I have no real desire to not be either so we just wait...

Thanks for the concern
01:04:37 25/11/2012
man, i think you should talk to someone. people say therapy doesn't help, but i went a few times, and it really does. please dude i think you need it.
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