Posted 2011/05/13 21:08, in blog projects
My two cameras...
The main one (on the left), with a couple of lenses and filters cost about 750 in total. The one on the right cost a tenth of that. However, it's really not that important what you use to take pictures with - what you take the pictures of and how you take them is more important.
As you can see, the results are just as good with the cheap compact as the DSLR. Of course, there's some pictures which simply couldn't have been taken using the compact (and I can see why "professional" compacts exist - they allow you to manually set the camera up) but you can still get some great pictures from any camera - just find interesting subjects and lighting.
The exception of course being the camera which took the above picture - the one on my phone. That really is crap and not much can help it...
So, experiment - take lots of pictures with whatever you've got, and don't forget to share them!
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