White and Red 2011/09/06 20:04
aff_imgbbdmedia/post_wred.pngajf_contentccdmFirstly, I have a new site where I shall be posting the pictures from now on (so I can seperate the crazy from the pictures). I'll post links from here to the new site as I upload pictures though.
4/9/2011 2011/09/03 23:13
aff_imgbbbmedia/post_ab.pngajf_contentcmfl/More from the emails. Mind have offered some councilling. Can't see how it's going to work though - don't even know how it's supposed to.
Chaos 2011/09/01 18:41
/Another message to the Samaritans. The first part refers to them saying it must be hard to share what I'm "feeling".
Personal Happiness 2011/08/24 23:02
/Still writing to the Samaritans. Talking seems to provide something. No idea what or why. Don't think its actually keeping me here though, so I don't nerd to stop just yet. Should try I guess.
Myself? 2011/08/20 23:21
Someone Else 2011/08/20 19:28
A friend (is someone you interact with on Twitter a "friend"? I define a friend as simply someone who's name I know. This seems to confuse people [especially my ex] - there's no "feeling" difference between "friend" and "someone I am talking to" [or "family" for that matter]) recently lost her wife. She has a blog about it, this post...
Hope is still Evil 2011/08/17 21:51
WP7 Wallpapers 2011/08/15 23:55
Have created some more Windows Phone 7 wallpapers. These are based on the Metro theme of the UI. I guess they'll work on other phones as long as they have the same resolution.
Regrets 2011/08/14 19:18
A song I was listening to earlier had the lyrics "I can die without regrets". I guess I can.

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