A Quick Update
Posted 2012/01/18 21:40, in blog life love
This hasn't been updated for a while - you'll have seen that. It started out (and remained) primarily a way for me to write down my "feelings" to try to deal with the stress and pain.
As I've now met someone the purpose of the blog has been removed. As such, most of it will soon be archived and new, more fun, stuff will be put up instead.
Starting with the fact that I'm currently having to move (due to the government being total arseholes). This process is not going well due to my total inability to do anything without getting sidetracked (10mins packing boxes, 3 hours stacking them in a perfect cube...) I'll put more up as I go along
00:14:11 07/03/2012
yeah you met the double-spacing idiot that is me and i am glad hopefully you are to.the new place is awesome because your init lol love you xxx
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